To all who seek romance combined with a truly unique experience!!!

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Mr. and Mrs. Reidy

When I decided to make a first date for Jenna I wanted to really go all out and do something different. The only problem was that I did not have a lot of cash on hand. So I spoke to a friend of mine who recommended DLM Marine. I called up Mr. Wells (the captain) and was shocked to hear about the availability to help me and his affordable rates. When we got there Jenna was just blown away with what was going on.

The vessel was intimate yet fun at the same time. When we wanted the two of us could just sit on the back deck and watch the seals and hold hands together without interruption of all the other people like most excursions. With it being just the two of us on board we found it possible to speak openly and honestly with the tranquility of the ocean behind us. The captain on board Mr. Wells had made us feel welcome and secure by acknowledging his safety first regulations but giving us the space we were looking for to feel completely alone on the ocean.

Since that beautiful charter Jenna and I have found ourselves married with a new joy of life to add to our family. We look back often on that day with joy and reverence. We wish we could let anyone looking for that special romantic getaway to call DLM Marine and see what they can do for you.