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My father started taking me fishing at the age of 4yrs old, as a youth traveling with my parents on vacations it was always around some island or some coastal resort. Our activities always consisted of water sport (Boating and Fishing) to this day our vacations are the same.

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It Is our goal to make your visit as pleasant, exciting and memorable as possible. In order to do this, DLM MARINE offers a host of services and trip plans.

Watching TV programs like Sea Hunt, Flipper and of course Gilligan’s Island etc, Except for the end of that 3 hrs tour landing shipwrecked on Gilligan Island (smile). I started to dream that one day maybe I’ll have, and Captain my own Charter Boat, so not only would I be able to continue to enjoy the ocean but also share with others the joy that I’ve found. It’s said that God allows u-turns and with Him coming into my life, also came my beautiful wife and daughter. I would share with my wife about my lifelong dreams and she would do something that I will always love her for, she gave me my first boat it was 2 inches long with a trailer! With them, my hopes and dreams to own a Charter were reawakened.

Two boats later well three, can’t forget my first was the beginning of DLM Marine Private Charters! Through the patience of the Sheep’s Head Bay Brooklyn Sport fishing boat Pilot and Capt. Tommy, I obtained my Master (Captain) License. Life takes turns and sometimes our dreams are deferred. Maybe for you boating was just a thought if at all, fishing once in awhile and far in between. Give yourself a break…A chance to EXHALE! We at DLM that’s my wife, I and my daughter the fisherperson hope that you give us the opportunity to share our love with you!