Experience A Truly Tranquil And Romantic Seagoing Adventure!

A Private Yacht Cruise You’ll Never Forget

San Diego, CA, is home to some of the most beautiful bays and boating locations in the United States. Few things are as romantic and peaceful as a cruise on a private yacht with one or more loved ones and friends. At DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter, we take groups as small as six on beautiful excursions catered to each group’s unique desires. Unlike some of our competitors, we are able to design an outing with lifelong memories that works for your budget. We offer half-day, full-day and hourly romantic  cruises around San Diego, from Mission Bay to the harbor and anywhere in between. Contact DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter to tell us the size of your group, your budget and what sort of experience you desire. We will do all that we can to help you enjoy the time of your life in the beautiful coastal waters.

A Seafaring Cruise That’s Designed for You

The Captain and team at DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter give you the personalized attention to detail you deserve when you charter a private yacht. We have three marine vessels that can accommodate groups from 2-42 people, so you can enjoy your beautiful cruise with people you know and love. We can provide appetizers, drinks, veggie platters, seafood platters and even catering for groups of any size. Plan your private yacht cruise whenever it works best for you instead of having to choose among a few select options on a large tourist boat.

Couple’s Private Yacht: An Unforgettably Romantic Adventure

Our private yacht cruises are ideal for all types of occasions and celebrations. For couples or small group dates, enjoy private seating and intimacy on one of our smaller vessels. Enjoy a luxurious, over-the-top first date in a romantic setting in the bay that inspires endless conversation. For a special anniversary, celebrate years of love with a refreshing cruise in the day or take in the setting sun while you enjoy cocktails. We can also help you plan the perfect proposal at sea, with just you and your loved one if you prefer, or with a group of your friends alongside you to witness your special moment.

Group Getaway: A Sea Excursion for All to Enjoy

For group occasions, such as birthdays, engagement parties, family get-togethers and more, consider a private yacht cruise on our 42-person yacht. Whether you are planning a visit, have friends visiting or are local and would like to enjoy the beautiful views of San Diego from the water, a group yacht excursion is just the ticket. We are fully licensed and insured so your group can enjoy the day and trust you are safe with DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter.

LGBT Friendly Cruises

We are proud to serve the LGBT communities of San Diego. We offer some of the finest gay cruises in the area. Whether it is a romantic date with your significant other, or a group of your friends, we cater to your itinerary. Enjoy beautiful views of San Diego from the ocean on our private yacht, giving you the best LGBT cruise in California!

Plan Your Yachting Experience Today

We work with clients from all walks of life with many different budgets. We would love to share our love of the water with you. Please contact DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter in San Diego today to tell us about your dream yachting adventure. We will do all that we can to create an affordable private yacht cruise that you will never forget.