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A Peaceful Final Voyage: Burial at Sea in San Diego

Do you have a loved one who has passed away who adored the ocean in all of its infinite peace? Consider an ash scattering burial at sea, where you can scatter his or her ashes in a beautiful remembrance ceremony from a private yacht or watching from a shore location in one of the many beautiful coastal vistas in San Diego, CA such as Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Coronado Island and more. At DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter, we can create the unique service you desire to honor your loved one. This calming send-off is a wonderful tribute for anyone who loved the sea. Contact DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter in San Diego, CA, to discuss a fitting memorial.

We Can Meet Your Unique Needs

We can cater each ash scattering burial at sea to your liking and in honor of your loved one’s unique personality. We provide flowers for each event and can help you choose the right voyage length and ceremony for your situation. You can choose from one of several base packages, which we can then adapt to meet your needs.

Ashes Scattering Service Options

Attended Service at Sea

When you choose to scatter your loved one’s ashes with us, you can honor them in one of several ways.

At an attended service, up to 1-42 of your friends and family can join us on one of our yachts as we take the ashes on their final journey to burial at sea. We can set sail with up to 1-42 people in the morning, daytime or evening depending on your preference. We can make the trip if you like, for a short trip to scatter the ashes or in addition to a longer cruise throughout the San Diego harbor, by downtown or through Mission Bay.


Ashes Scattering Service Viewing from Shore

If you have more than six people who would like to participate in the remembrance, we have chosen beautiful coastal viewpoints where additional people can watch from shore. Additionally, if you would prefer that your entire party stay on shore to watch as we scatter your loved one’s ashes, we can accommodate this as well. Viewpoints for a burial at sea include the Ocean Beach, Point Loma and Pacific Beach neighborhoods in San Diego.


Unattended Services

If you would prefer that we scatter your loved one’s ashes in an unattended service, we can also provide accommodations. We offer local pick-up services for his or her ashes. We will provide you with a certificate of disposition listing your loved one’s name, date and GPS coordinates where the ashes are scattered as they became one with the sea. Please note that for an unattended service, we will need a certified copy of the death certificate or transit certificate to obtain the California burial permit to scatter your loved one’s ashes. Each document will be returned to you. We promise to handle each unattended scattering individually and provide the utmost care with this precious charge.


Ashes Scattering For Your Beloved Pet

The death of a beloved pet is a difficult event. We understand your love for your pet and proudly also provide burials at sea for your pet’s ashes. Choose from any of the services we offer for people, and we can cater the event to suit the personality and special love you shared with your special animal.

A Peaceful End to a Beautiful Life

An ashes scattering burial at sea is an emotional and often transformative moment for our passengers. At DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter, we promise to provide the utmost care in assisting you with this important event. We thank you for considering us with sending your loved one to sea in San Diego. We are able to work with many different budgets. Compared with the cost of a burial and traditional funeral, this memorial may also be a more affordable option for you. Contact DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter today to discuss our options.

Schedule an Ashes Scattering Burial at Sea Service

As one of the leading ashes scattering burials at sea in San Diego, DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter understands how to make your final voyage with your loved one a special event. Whether you’re looking to scatter their ashes off Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Coronado Island, or anywhere else in San Diego, contact DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter today at (619) 231-0894 or simply fill out the form on this page.


We are USCG Licensed, Fully Insured and Regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs as a Cremated Remains Disposer, License # 813