DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter

Thanks to our access to the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is blessed with some of the most natural beauty in the entire country. Between the calm sound of the consistent waves, mesmerizing reflection of the sun, expansive nature and the fresh sea air, the Pacific Ocean is one of the most amazing features of our wonderful city.

For those looking to explore the Pacific, DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter is one of the top boat tour operators in all of San Diego. With three yachts, we are able to accommodate a variety of cruise needs, including couple’s excursions, romantic cruises, burials at sea, fishing charters, sightseeing tours and more. For more information, or to book your tour, contact us today!

With vessels in San Diego, Ocean Beach and Mission Beach, we are equipped to meet your needs. Thanks to our multiple vessels, we are able to accommodate a wide variety of specialties, with our yachts serving both couples excursions/romantic cruises and burials at seas.

Couples Cruises

One of our specialties is couples’ excursions for romantic bay cruises. Whether it is a significant other or a friend, DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter will help you make lifelong memories. Our crew will make sure you receive luxurious treatment, while taking you on a smooth trip around San Diego Harbor or Mission Bay. While many other operators in San Diego will stick you on a boat with many other couples, DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter offers you a private, intimate setting, with the guest list containing only those that you choose.

We provide dining experiences, with drinks, appetizers, and veggie and seafood platters, and can even accommodate catering if you desire. Enjoy priceless views of San Diego, including breathtaking looks at sunsets over the Pacific Ocean on our popular sunset cruise. As a locally-owned operation, DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter knows the best spots for photos, beyond just the well-known local landmarks.

Our bay cruises are perfect for any event from a first date to a proposal to an anniversary to a graduation, as well as everything in between!

Whether it is a romantic date with your significant other, or a group outing, ask us how we can design an experience you’ll never forget.

Burials at Sea

Our other specialty are burials at sea. If you are looking to scatter your loved one’s ashes at sea, we are a USCG Licensed, Fully Insured and Regulated by the California Department of Consumer Affairs as a Cremated Remains Disposer. DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter offers Attended Services, Unattended Services, Views from the Shore as well as Pet Services.

We are your premiere sea burial and ash scattering provider in San Diego, and accept cremated remains from throughout California and the entire United States. Our staff is proud to provide respectful and dignified burials at sea, allowing you to give your loved one a memorable final resting place. Not only is a burial at sea significantly less expensive, but it is a unique celebration of life fit for our coastal city of San Diego.

Having counseled and helped many families seeking to scatter ashes over the Pacific Ocean, we understand the feelings involved with saying goodbye and burying a loved one. We have found that sea burials provide an incredible sense of closure, with many telling us the peace and tranquility of the ocean setting serving as a reassuring reminder that their loved one is truly at rest.

If you are looking for more information on a burial at sea, or are considering scattering ashes for a loved one, contact our experienced crew to learn how we can be of assistance.

Contact Us

Although DLM Marine Private Yacht Charter specializes in couples cruises, romantic cruises, bay cruises and burials at sea, we work with a variety of clientele. For any type of chartered yacht services in San Diego, or surrounding areas including Mission Beach and Ocean Beach, contact us and our flexible staff will work hard to find you a solution!